Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy 13th Birthday!

How is it that time flies by so quickly. I can't believe that my precious firstborn is turning 13 tomorrow(actually in just 2 1/2 hours). It seems like only yesterday we were in the hospital experiencing the miracle of her birth. I could not quit looking at the perfect, precious gift from God. She was so much more than I ever expected-How could I deserve such an amazing gift? I learned each day with her. I never put her down. I could not take a shower without calling Nana to come sit with her to make sure she was okay. She was the 1st grandchild on both sides of our family. It was so much fun to spend each day with her. We shopped and painted pottery. She did not go to school or daycare until she started K5. Ashton has always been so mature for her age. She is such a helper. She has a heart for others. She so wants to go to China and adopt another child. She has such a heart for orphans. I am so proud of how she wants to help others. Ashton is such a blessing to our family. She takes care of her brothers and sister and always helps me. She has the most beautiful singing voice. This past February I was so proud of her when she sang in her school talent show. It was the most beautiful sound I have heard. I am so proud to be her mom. We still love to shop, get our nails done and just hang out. She tries to teach me to be savy on the computer and I try to get her to scrapbook. I am so grateful to have her in my life. Happy Birthday to the best daughter in the world!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Princess!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Anna Grace. She is officially 2! I can't believe it! She is growing so fast. It is 2 am and I am sitting at the computer thinking about how much fun it will be when she wakes in the morning. The table is decorated and the gifts are wrapped. The kids will have to wake her before they go to school. I can see that big smile as we sing "Happy Birthday" She has always loved to sing it. We are BLESSED. We are so in love. She is our dream come true! Our precious little princess. I am not sure how I deserve to be the mommy of 4 such AWESOME kids but I am so grateful. This is a picture of Anna Grace last year at her party. My how the year has flown!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crazy Days are here again!

Well it is official-we are crazy busy! Ashton had her 1st Volleyball game last night. She did great and we are so proud. She got her serve over the net and I am not sure if it was me or Adam yelling the loudest. We left her game for a 15 minute meal at Chick-fil-A and then headed to Adam's 1st baseball game. He did great and I love how he cheers his team on. Hayne is starting swimming team at the Y so we will be juggling 3 activities a day for awhile. I will be selling my tshirts this week at the big Weecycled Sale and Hal will have his hands full of kids. I am hoping that we do really well(who knows-maybe this is the start of another trip to China-one can pray:) Hope you all have a wonderful week. Thanks for checking in!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Bop Bop (& Bobbi)

Happy Birthday to my daddy otherwise known as Bop Bop. He is the best daddy ever. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful daddy who loves me as much as I love him. We love doing things with him and my mom(Nana). We go on vacations together and no year is complete without a trip to the beach. My kids think that Bop Bop is the smartest and coolest papa around(& he is:) Anna Grace crawls up in his lap and ask for "sugar" all of the time. When we ask for a kiss, she answers "No thats Bop Bops sugar" We love you so much and look forward to celebrating at least 40 more years with you!

Happy Birthday to our sweet friend, Bobbi. Our adoption opened so many new doors in our lives but none as special as the friends we made during the journey. We met Jake and Bobbi in May of 2006 while we were all waiting on our referral. God knew what he was doing when we picked our adoption agency and each step of the journey. He gave us encouragement to endure the process and wait for our sweet girls. We are so blessed to call Bobbi and her family our friends. Hope your day was great. Can't wait until we can get together and celebrate!

Carolina Girl Tshirt

Okay Guys! Carolina Girl Tshirts are hot off the press. Call me at 918-4700 if you want to place an order. We have them in stock and ready to deliver. We have short sleeve, long sleeve and hoodies. Thank you for your support. We started selling these shirts while we were waiting to bring Miss Anna Grace home and we never imagined they would be so popular. God truly blessed us in providing our way. Part of the proceeds from these shirts will help another family bring home their baby.

Almost 2!

I can't believe in just 6 days, my sweet baby girl will be 2 years old. Time has flown by so quickly since the day we met our princess. She has changed so much in such a short time. She is quite the talker. She amazes us everyday with her ability to communicate with us. She is such a precious little girl. We are so blessed to be her parents. As I look forward to celebrating her 2nd birthday, I can't help but think of someone else who is also thinking of this day. Somewhere across the ocean is the woman to who I will forever be indebted. I wish that there were a way I could let her know what a beautiful, smart, sweet and loved little girl Anna Grace is. I want her to know how much we treasure the gift that we have been given. She is our heart. We will always love and protect her. I wish that we could somehow give her peace that Anna Grace is well and taken care of. I know many others never mention these things but my heart is burdened and heavy for the sorrow that has to over take you at times. I always want Anna Grace to be able to talk to us and discuss her past. We have been blessed and my prayer is that God will send peace that passeth all my understanding to all those in China who were a part of my little one's life while she was there.