My Family

I have been blessed with an amazing family. I have been married to my high school sweet heart for 19 years. We have been blessed with 5 {soon to be 6!} children. 3 who grew in my belly and 2 {soon to be 3} that grew in my heart. We have been blessed by International Adoption. Adopting from China changed our lives for the better and we could not be more thankful.

Hal and I
We have been married for 19 years and what a wonderful 19 years it has been! We are high school sweethearts and feel so blessed to be where we are now. We never thought we would be the parents to 5, almost 6, kids! He is my best friend and God could not have chosen a better man to journey this life with me. He loves Jesus and our family and is the best Daddy in the world!


Ashton is our beautiful, 15 year old daughter.  She and Ainsley share the same birthday which is just an awesome red thread between sisters.  Ashton has prayed forever that our family was not complete.  She actually found Ainsley on a list and brought her picture to me.  I believe these girls are going to have a really special bond.  Ashton just finished her 9th grade year.  She plays volleyball.  Ashton has such a heart for orphans.  It is her dream to be a missionary in a third world country.  She is already dreaming of adopting as many babies as her arms can hold from Africa. This summer she had plans to go to Uganda on a mission trip but it fell through.  We know now that she was meant to be here to help prepare for her little sister.  We are so proud of the beautiful woman she is becoming and are so blessed by her.


Adam is our 12 year old son.  He just finished his 6th grade year.  Middle school was great for him and he exceled in every subject.  He enjoys playing tag football with our rec group but his passion is swimming.  He swims with Team Greenville and amazes us with his abilities.  He is amazing.  Backstroke is his best event.  Adam is very excited about traveling to China again.  We ask each of our children how they felt about adopting another child and Adam's response brought tears to my eyes.  He said "Mom, if we know she's there and she needs a family, then how could we ever say no."  How very true.  We are so blessed with Adam.


Hayne is our miracle boy.  He is 8 years old and one of our greatest blessings.  During our adoption wait for Anna Grace, Hayne was attacked by a dog.  He had 80 stitches in his face and lip.  He is the main reason that we begin to think God was calling us to a cleft affected child. Although know we know the lip is the least part of cleft, God did stir our hearts and open them wide for our sweet Andrew.  Hayne is all boy.  He loves any type of sports.  Football is by far his very favorite and he is a great player.  His room is decorated in Dallas Cowboys/Clemson Tigers.  He shares the love between the teams.  He just finished 2nd grade and is a star student.  Hayne is also very excited about having another sibling, although he does beg daily for a 8 year old brother-This mommy has learned to never say never!


Andrew is our 4 year old sweetly spicy boy from Beijing China. We brought him home in 2010 at 3  1/2 years old. He taught us to love in new ways and the patience it truly takes. We have learned more from this little boy than I feel we can ever teach him. He is cleft lip and palate. It was a miracle how God placed him in our lives. God used Hayne to stir our hearts for a cleft child and Ashton prayed for years to bring just ONE more home! It's always "just one more." We feel so blessed to call Andrew ours and we can't imagine a day without our sweet boy! 

Anna Grace

Anna Grace is the little girl who made dreams come true. At the age of 4 she is about as sweet as the come with just enough spice to make it perfect, even though she weighs in at about 25lbs soaking wet. We waited 3 long years to bring her home and when we finally held her in our arms on July 2, 2007 all of heaven rejoiced. She is the reason we have adopted again and again. We love her to the moon and back and don't know what we would do without our pint sized princess! She is in love with all things Disney*, Princess, Pink, Pretty, and with flowers on it. She knows that she has us all wrapped around her tiny finger and takes great advantage of it. We love our girl like no other! 

Ainsley Faith
Ainsley Faith is our sweet little one waiting in China. She is 21 months old and has quite a few needs. God has an amazing plan for our little girls life and our arms ache daily to hold her. She is our FAITH for so many reasons. God called our family "out of the boat" for Ainsley and we could not be more thrilled to see where He leads us. We hope to travel to bring her home around December of this year. Please be praying God will move mountains and get our girl home soon! Please pray for her heart to be prepared as she waits and for her to stay healthy and strong as we wait to bring her home.