Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Volleyball Team

Ashton has really enjoyed playing on the middle school volleyball team this year. It has been alot of work-practice everyday and games twice a week. She has done great. It has been hard for her to be away from home so much(especially for her and Anna Grace) but she has loved playing. Last night was their last game of the season. They do have a tournament this weekend but then it is over. Can I get an Amen:) Somehow dragging 3 kids who have alot of energy to games several times a week is very draining. They are bored and I am trying hard to concentrate on the game-not a good combination.
Ashton played tonight and made several great plays. She has gotten great at getting her serve over the net each time. We are so proud of how well she has done.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy 13th Birthday

We gave Ashton a "surprise" birthday party at Frankie's Fun Park. She was so shocked-it was a priceless moment. We had so much fun. Jodi as usual stayed busy with the camera and got lots of great pics. The adults had as much fun as the kids did. Don't you just love the pics of the adults with all of their winnings. We rode go carts, played laser tag and especially enjoyed Deal or No Deal. It is so hard to believe that our baby is now a teenager. She is so precious to us and we love her dearly. She is such a great daughter and a wonderful big sister(can't you see the love in her eyes in the pic of her and Anna Grace)
We are blessed and so grateful to be the parents to this beautiful, smart, talented young woman. I can't wait to see what wonderful things God has in store for her as she continues to grow.

PumpkinTown Festival

Woo Hoo! We had a free day this weekend. What a blessing. We have been so busy for so long and it was so wonderful to have time to spend with our kids. We picked Nana up and headed to BoJangles for some yummy bo-berry biscuits. Then we headed to the PumpkinTown Festival. It was so packed. Lots of crafts and vendors everywhere. Mommy and Nana enjoyed shopping around. We went to the kid area and they had a ball sliding down the big slides and bouncing. I am reminded constantly that I am getting old. Trying to be all hip and cool, I followed my kids up the HUGE wave runner. Halfway up, I realized that I do not like heights and especially not heights that involve tons of crazy kids rocking the blow up wave. I clung to the top and tried to build up the courage to slide. Kids were breezing by me and my kids were trying to push me down. I finally decided to descend the wave-sure wish someone had told me not to let my feet rub the slide. By the time I reached the bottom I had burned the skin off of my heel. No kidding-actually burned-within 2 hours I had HUGE blisters and could hardly bear to walk on my left foot-within a couple more hours-they were bursting-What a loser-Who slides down a slide and injures themselves-me-that's who-a mom who is trying so hard to appear young and hip for her kids-they know the truth and now so do I :)
We did have fun picking out huge pumpkins. We all especially enjoyed the hot caramel apples and cotton candy. It was such a fun day. We are so blessed and we enjoyed being together all day. So glad that Nana could join us. The kids love being with her and so do we.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Prince and Princess

Last Saturday we had a party for Prince Peter and Princess Aurora at our house. We celebrated Hayne's 6th birthday and Anna Grace's 2nd birthday. It was so much fun. We decorated one side of the garage for the princesses and one side for the knights. Special thanks to Jodi-we stayed up most of the night making a castle for Hayne. She painted a Narnia shield and a dragon for games. Hayne was thrilled. It was a beautiful day and the kids were so excited. The funniest part of the day was the knight relay race. We made each team dress in knight gear and race on their "horse" Hal and Adam both took big dives and we enjoyed laughing at(I mean with) them. The girls all enjoyed getting hair and make-up done and loved the jewelry. I must admit that Kamden wanted to be a knight but she dressed up just for Anna Grace. What a sweet girl. I could not have pulled this party off without Nana, Jodi and Mema. Thank you guys for making my little ones dreams come true.

Anna Grace loved dressing up and we got some sweet pictures of her with Maddie, Lillie and Sarah. Thanks Joyce and Bobbi for driving so far to share in our special day.

Hayne has wanted a Narnia party forever. He was so excited to sword fight with all

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Carolina Girl

These are our shirts that are available right now. Christmas design coming soon!