Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Fun

We had such a wonderful Christmas with our family this year. It was full of laughter, fun and food. We started Christmas Eve with Hal's family at our house. We enjoyed lunch and some gift swapping. My family came over later in the evening to celebrate my brother Johnny's birthday. It was so wonderful to have him home this Christmas. The kids had a ball and we gave them their gift from us(Guitar Hero Bundle). It was quite hilarious to see the adults play guitar and sing. I think we may have enjoyed it more than the kids. Uncle Johnny seemed to really enjoy helping the kids decorate cookies for Santa. Hayne ate every one that he decorated-poor Santa :) We are so very blessed. We were able to spend a very special day with all of our brothers, sisters and parents. There is not much more in life that you can ask for.
Christmas morning, everyone was at our house again to see what Santa had brought. We had a huge flashback moment as we watched Anna Grace cleaning in her high heel shoes(Many years ago, Ashton did the exact same thing-I am going to have to dig out our old photos and show you) Mema and Hal cooked a yummy breakfast and everyone had a great time. Next we headed to Nana's to see what Santa Bop-Bop and Nana had left for the kids. We spent the day there and it was so much fun. No rushing around - we actually relaxed and enjoyed our time together. It has been a wonderful Christmas. It is so nice to celebrate with those we love most.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Wishing you and yours a VERY Merry Christmas and a VERY Happy Birthday to my little brother Johnny!!! Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Joy

Hayne is such a joy! He is so excited about Christmas. He loves his jammies and his Christmas animals. What a precious boy! We are blessed.

Prayers for Pappy

Jodi's daddy, AKA Pappy, has been re-admitted to the hospital. His chest has opened up and the wires have come loose. He will have surgery on Friday to repair the damage, graph muscles and clear away possible infection. Please pray that there is no infection and that he recovers quickly. There is a possibility that he will have to go back to the ICU and be on a ventilator so please join us in praying that it doesn't happen. Our prayer is that the surgery is quick, no infection is found and he is able to return to a regular room so that he can be home for Christmas. Please also pray for peace and comfort for Jodi and her mom. This is such a hard time of the year to be sick, especially when Jodi has 3 kids at home, school parties and Christmas preparations. She loves her daddy so much and wants to be with him but her kids need her also. We are enjoying our time with her kids as she is with her daddy. My kids love having them over-Hopefully I will have great news to post soon.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Unexpected Surprise

Today we received an very unexpected surprise-kind of an early Christmas gift. Our dear friends, The Kibbees, are on their way to Disney World(Wish we were going :( At 3:30 we decided that they were going to be just too close to SC not to stop in for the night. They arrived right before 7 and you should have seen the excitement in my home. The kids were so glad to see each other. Ashton & Kara headed upstairs to check out the computer and cell phones. The little girls acted like they had never been apart. Walking around with their arms around each other-so sweet. Just a few hours together but it sure was fun. We are so blessed with these special friends.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Visit with Santa

This year we made our visit to see Santa a little early. The kids were so excited for an evening out. We got to the mall and there was no wait to see Santa. Anna Grace would not sit on his lap. She sat with Sissy. Santa tried his best to hold her. He even stood beside her for a photo-I love the one of him kissing her shoulder. We were all shocked when he told Anna Grace that he remembered her visit last year after she had gotten home from China-he even knew her name! WOW! Hayne was thrilled to see Santa. He was so excited. It was precious as he hugged Santa. His joy is so amazing. We got a really sweet picture that the mall took of them together. I need to get it scanned in. We had such a good evening together as a family.

Build A Bear Fun

After we went to see Santa, we made a special trip to Build A Bear. Ashton & Anna Grace enjoyed making Hal & Holly Moose-Anna Grace would have no part of holiday clothes, she had to have a Princess Aurora. Hayne made himself a penguin with Christmas jammies and Adam got a Clemson Tiger! They had so much fun. We had such a special evening. The best part was ALL of the coupons I had saved during the year-it hardly cost us anything :) Go mommy!