Friday, March 20, 2009

Gettys Talent Show

Last night Ashton sang in the talent show at Gettys Middle School. This child has way more confidence than I ever did at this age. She took to the stage like a pro and sang her heart out. It was spectacular! Unbelievable! She opened her mouth and blew us away! It was so awesome when the audience would start clapping and yelling while she was singing-She received 2nd place and we are so proud. I see American Idol in our future :) Papa says he is volunteering to take her since he has never been-he says he can picture her giving him all the credit for getting her there(of course BJ has plans too)
We are blessed with such a supportive family. The boys loved holding the signs that Nana made and Ashton had an arm full of flowers from Nana and Mema. I think she knows how proud we are of her! We are blessed! Way to go Ashton!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Swim Regionals

Getting ready to leave the block!
With 2 of the Greatest Coaches ever!
Getting some last minute advice!

Ready to swim
Way to go-He just nailed his flip turn!
How many people does it take to get a cap on? :)

Filling up on a good breakfast at Cracker Barrell
We spent our weekend in Raleigh for Swim Regionals. Adam swam on Saturday and Sunday. We had so much fun with the rest of the team. The YMCA took 7 swimmers to compete. We had 2 great coaches go with us-Thanks Larry and Ce'line-We appreciate you! They are such great encouragers to ALL of the swimmers. This is such a great family sport and we can't wait for the season to start again.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Long Time No Update!

As you have noticed I haven't updated in forever! We have had lots of sickness in our house and are praying it will soon end!! Since I have updated we have been to the state swim meet which was lots of fun and got a big surprise..... SNOW! We never get snow and this was a great surprise! We only got 4-6 inches but the kids were ecstatic! I will be posting lots of pictures within the next few days but or now enjoy these!Snow Day!!Swim Meet