Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mommy & Andrew

In our bedroom, hanging on the wall, is a picture of me with each of my kids when they were babies. It has been a tradition since Ashton was born to have a "mommy and me" picture made. When Anna Grace came home, although she was older, we still did the pictures. She was so tiny that she still looked liked a baby. Jodi took tons of pictures and Anna Grace gets so excited to see that she has the same pictures as her big brothers and sisters. Today I started worrying about Andrew having the same thing. Ashton was sweet enough to indulge me and do a quick photo shoot. She has not had a chance to put her magic touches on the pictures yet but I think they turned out sweet. Andrew kept sneaking and kissing me while we were taking pictures. It was so precious. I wanted him to smile and he wanted to kiss me. I am so blessed. I can't wait to get one framed and hang it with the others. We missed so much during the first 3 1/2 years of his life, I am so happy to have these. He is my son and I love him so!

Monday, June 14, 2010

They are in Cincinnati...

Hey All,
This is Ashton. I am updating the blog for my Mom while she is in Cincinnati at Shriners.
I just talked to them and they made it safely to Cincinnati without issues. (thank you Lord!) The little ones did well and Andrew is still running wild. They went to a mall tonight to have dinner and try to burn the energy. From the noise in the background it doesn't sound very successful. (:
Please keep them in your prayers tomorrow as they go to the hospital for tests on Andrew and to see what the future holds for surgeries and such. Pray he understands all that is happening and accepts it willing.